5 Spots to Feast on Clearwater’s Cuban Sandwiches

These days, Miami is arguably the city mostly synonomous with Cuban culture. Think of Little Havana, Calle Ocho, rum and cigars. However, one of these important Cuban staples originated in Ybor City, Tampa. Cafes in the area that catered to Cuban workers started making the Cuban Sandwich. Several years ago, Tampa’s City Council even designated the delicacy as the city’s signature sandwich.

Your stay at Bamboo Beach Club Resort wouldn’t be complete without digging in to a delicious Cuban Sandwich. Layers of Cuban bread, glazed ham, shredded pork, Genoa salami (Tampa-style), Swiss cheese, yellow mustard and (German) pickles make it hard to resist. And while the power of the sandwich may lie in its simplicity, it’s hard to overlook the beauty of the (food) cultures melting together.

Lifestyle website Thrillist did some mouthwatering research on the iconic sandwich when they visited Tampa. If that is not enough to wet your appetite, how about this? You don’t even have to go “as far” as Tampa, because the following places serve a mighty “Cubano,” and they are right in town!

Frenchy’s Original Café     

At just two minutes away from Bamboo Beach Club Resort, you’ll find Frenchy’s Original Café. Their hot-pressed Cubans have people dreaming about them.

Columbia Restaurant

When TV-personality Rachael Ray calls your Cuban sandwiches “melty masterpieces,” you know you are onto something. Combine that with the waterfront views at Clearwater Beach’s Sand Key, and you have all the ingredients that make Columbia Restaurant worth a visit.

Eatin’ Fresh

Tucked in between the Pinellas Trail and Lake Bellevue, Eatin’ Fresh is a small operation with big potential. You can also get Cuban coffee to pair with your sandwich.

Pearly’s Beach Eats

For a quaint and casual atmosphere try Pearly’s Beach Eats on Papaya Street. Your Cuban sandwiches will taste especially delicious in Pearly’s tropical setting.

Manos Bakery Café

At Manos you can get your Cuban Sandwich fix served with Greek flair. This bakery café is also a good place to get soups, salads and coffee.

There is a Festival for That!

Are you visiting Bamboo Beach Club Resort at the end of March?  Then you’ll have a chance to attend the 7th Annual International Cuban Sandwich Art and Food Festival. The event features live music, art exhibits, the Cuban Sandwich contest, and an attempt to once again make the world’s biggest Cuban Sandwich. Last year the record was set at an impressive 150 feet!

Where will you be trying the famous Cuban Sandwich? Let us know in the comments below, and watch the Thrillist video to learn more about Tampa’s beloved food.

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