Beware the Red Tide

Those who frequent Florida beaches are probably familiar with the Red Tide phenomena. Red Tide refers to a naturally-occurring, higher-than-normal concentration of the microscopic algae Karenia brevis.

This organism produces a toxin that affects the central nervous system of fish so that they are paralyzed and cannot breathe. As a result, red tide blooms often result in dead fish washing up on Gulf beaches. When red tide algae reproduce in dense concentrations or “blooms,” they are visible as discolored patches of ocean water, often reddish in color.


Mosquitos Are The Worst: How to Protect Against Bites

“A hurricane hasn’t hit Florida on Gov. Rick Scott’s watch, but he finds himself trying to guide the state through a more insidious and invisible public health threat. Call it Hurricane Zika.” This excerpt from a recent article in the Tampa Bay Times is part of one of the many resurging stories about the Zika virus.

So far the virus has only been identified in a small section of Miami according to an article in the Washington Post, with no sign that it’s spreading elsewhere, so there’s no reason to worry about your Bamboo Beach Club Resort vacation, but steering clear of mosquito bites is a smart move no matter what.


“Catch Them All” in St. Pete and Clearwater

You’ve just joined the Pokémon Go craze and you’re catching and hatching like a champ, but you’re getting ready to take off on your Bamboo Beach Club Resort vacation.

No worries – your vacation could actually be really good for your game! Your friends at Visit St. Petersburg/Clearwater have some tips on where you can look for the little guys while fully enjoying some of Clearwater’s best attractions.


Grill with Grace

Summer is a beautiful time to enjoy a cookout in the green space at Bamboo Beach Club Resort, and if you’ve picked up some fresh groceries, our outdoor grill will come in handy.

As long as you observe some simple grill etiquette for using public grills, you can enjoy many an outdoor meal at the resort. Here are some tips.

Clean out the grates as best as you can.

Cleaning out a public grill before you use it is fairly similar to cleaning out a regular kettle charcoal grill, and the first step is cleaning out the grill grates. You’re not restoring them to a sparkling clean, just using a grill brush or a wadded-up piece of foil to scrape off any carbon or food stuck on there.

Remove any ashes or debris from the bottom.

If there are any ashes on the bottom of the grill, get rid of them. An easy way to do this is to place a hand in a plastic garbage or shopping bag and use that to “sweep” the ashes out of the grill and into a trash or paper bag.

Cover the grates with foil if you like.

If you are worried about using a public grill, just cover the grates with foil and poke a few holes in it before you light the grill. Since grills use very high heat, this isn’t necessary, but it is helpful if you’ll be grilling small things, like shrimp, that might easily fall through the grates.

Make sure you really preheat the grill if you’re not using foil.

If you choose not to do the foil thing, just preheat the grill for a while first. When you’re ready to grill, give the grill grates another quick brush to scrape off any remaining bits that are stuck on there. Oil the grates to create more of a nonstick surface.

Clean up.

When you’re done grilling, give the grates another brush or scrape to remove any residual food while the grill is still hot, or throw out the foil.

Easy Food to Grill

There are plenty of quick and easy things you can grill. And of course, when in Rome (or Clearwater) venture out to a nearby farmer’s market for fresh local fare to try on the grill (and maybe a cool souvenir, too).

No matter when or what you decide to grill, just remember to be a good citizen and leave your grill site as clean and tidy as possible for the next person.

Are you a grill master? Give us your tips for easy and delicious things to grill away from home.