Taste Fest Kicks off Restaurant Week

If you’ve been to Clearwater Beach, you know there is no shortage of delicious food everywhere you look. Taste Fest opens the door to all the good food on May 8, officially kicking off Restaurant Week.

The event is just a short walk from Bamboo Beach Club Resort, on Clearwater’s Beach Walk Promenade. Come to the party and sample the many delectable dishes local restaurants will be competing with during Restaurant Week, May 11-22.


Let’s Go to the Hash!

“So, tell me a little about yourself, Victoria. What do you do when you’re not writing for blogs or doing theatre stuff?”

“Well, I’m a Hasher.”

“Excuse me…a WHAT?”

I always feel that nervous moment of “how do I explain this” when I decide to let someone in on one of the world’s best kept secrets.

For Hashers, this is a pretty common exchange. Hashing, or being a member of the international groups that make up the Hash House Harriers, is not exactly what it sounds like. It’s actually the perfect combination of exercise…and beer.


The Fantastic Frenchy’s Franchise

The beauty of staying at Bamboo Beach Club is you’re just minutes from all the fun, including the famous Beach Walk, Pier 60 and some of the best beach food you can imagine.

A favorite among locals and visitors alike is Frenchy’s. Quebec native and Frenchy’s founder Michael Preston had a vision to create friendly, laid back places where people could chill with a cold drink and fresh seafood. Today, Preston has built a small empire of Frenchy’s Clearwater eateries and shops that include: (more…)