How a Run on the Beach Could Help Save the Planet

Fitness trends come and go just as easily as diets. High Intensity Training, Boutique Boxing, Cryotherapy and even immersive exercise incorporating Virtual Reality are being thrown at our feet.

Healthy lifestyles will keep dominating the headlines in 2018, and there are even opportunities to get in the game during your vacation at Bamboo Beach Club Resort this year. But why stop there at exercise when there is a way to get fit and help the environment at the same time?

Plogging is the latest fitness craze from Sweden. All you’ll need to start plogging are running shoes, a pair of gloves and a trash bag. Because what you will be doing is jogging and picking up garbage at the same time.

Squats or deadlifts are your ticket to success when you are moving in on that litter. Since Scandinavians also take recycling very seriously, don’t expect plogging to be just another workout. Doing the right thing for you and the environment is what it’s about.

Of course, you can plog anywhere, not just the beach. Here are some great spots for plogging in the Clearwater area.

And of course the crystal sands of Clearwater Beach are just blocks away from Bamboo Beach Club Resort.

With the efforts of organizations like Clearwater Marine Aquarium, it becomes even more apparent that ocean life needs our help.

We want you and all other visitors to the area to enjoy the crystal sands and clear blue water for many years to come. Playing your part in conservation does not have to be a chore. Just like plogging, there are easy steps you can take, like reusing your water bottle or carrying groceries in a reuseable bag.

Will you be plogging with peers this year? Which areas would be ideal for this activity?

For more conservation tips, check these articles by Clearwater Marine Aquarium and National Geographic.

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